Standard Workstation

Tianji also provides integrated services at all levels of industrial automation, including single station automation, assembly line automation, workshop level automation and whole factory automation. It is mainly oriented to the three major industries of 3C, automobile and new energy, with four major products in the direction of industrial robots, automation integration, control module and CNC special machine. The intelligent manufacturing ecosystem has finally become an intelligent factory master with core technology.

Automated Children's Mask Production Line

  • Performance upgrading

    Retrofitting and incoming functions are optional, making package convenient. Optimized structurae and program to avoid machine halt and material piling. Improved productivity and upgraded performance with more delicate and compact structure

  • Children-specific 

    The facial masks for children produced on the production line are compatible with the size of and fitting with children’s faces, making it easy for them to breathe, achieving efficient protection while guarding their health.

  • Short lead time

    Tianji lifts the company up and down,Efficient operation, shortening the delivery cycle to 15 working days.

Name Specifications
Item TJCKZ-120-03
Equipment Size 3500*5000*1900MM(L*W*H)
Mask Size 14.5cm*9.0cm
Voltage 220V 50/60HZ
Equipment Power 8.5KW
Efficiency 80-100 PCS/Min
Yield 98%
Structure One line and two unloading openings
Installation Methods Ground surface installation

Machine Layout