Spare Parts

Tianji Robot categorizes the spare components and parts in the following 3 levels. It is advised that customers shall purchase at due time. In addition, when purchasing components and parts like inner wires, kindly inform Guangdong Tianji Robot of the product serial number and name in advance.

  • A level: consumables and components and parts with high replacement frequency
  • B level: mechanical apparatus with high operation frequency
  • C level: important mechanical apparatus
Spare Parts
Grade number Name Model Manufactor Reserve quantity Amount of use per unit
A 1 润滑脂 Harmonic Crease SK-1A Harmonic Drive Systems 1 2.5kg
A 2 粘着剂 LT518 Henkel Japan Ltd 1
A 3 密封胶 TB1206C Three Bond Co.,Ltd. 1
A 4 密封胶带 TB4501 Three Bond Co.,Ltd. 1
A 5 电池组 HW1483880-A 安川电机 1 3