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Tianji Robot TR8

TR8: multi-function general type robot. Maximum load of 8kg and maximum work radius of 818mm.

  • World top No.1 speed among small-type lightweight six-axis robots

    It can carry various fixtures and sensors and be applied into different industries like high precision assembly, detection, grinding, polishing and handling. Through high-speed and high-precision movements, it can reduce cycle time and significantly uplift productivity.

  • Protection rates IP67, the highest among the same level of robots

    Complete set of machine protection code: IP67, adaptable to unfavorable environments like oil cloud, dust, humidity and high temperature.

  • It adopts international top-notch production system, hence boasting a high quality.

    It is especially applicable to scenarios with large work load, unfavorable environments, high requirements upon product precision and consistency, and the quality remains stable even for 365 d × 24 h continuous operation.

Maximum load8kg Repeat positioning:±0.02mm Range of motion:818mm Protection grade : IP67

  • Complete set of machine protection code: IP67

    It is adaptable to unfavorable environments like high temperature, dust, humidity and oil cloud. The smooth and flowing design structure of TR8 can cut down the number of exposed bolts, so it is not easy for dust and cutting oil to pile up.

  • Smaller controller and simpler wiring

    Only one cable is needed to connect robot and controller. The start time is shorter, wiring simpler and TR8 controller smaller, hence being suitable for narrow space.

  • More suitable for polishing, with polishing head and special support

    TR8 is equipped with special polishing software, to ensure simple setting of polishing movements and complete complex spiral traces. 。TR8 adopts 2 Φ6mm built-in air pipes to ensure sufficient air flow.

  • Built-in electromagnetic valve

    TR8 built-in electromagnetic valve (optional configuration) can improve convenience of use. Option of built-in electromagnetic valve can break the limitation of movement scope.

  • Applicable to more products

    TR8 adopts the shape of round arms, minimizing the interference radius. It can be installed in narrow space. Compared with the same types of robot, TR8 has a larger loading capacity and a wider movement scope.

  • It supports operation without pendant, a device for multiple uses.

    One technician with one pendant can operate many robots, hence significantly lowering cost. When TR8 is applicable to short-circuit plug, there is no need to connect with pendant (Out of consideration of safety, hot swapping of pendant is not allowed).

Robot Body Standard Specifications

Boundary dimension and movement scope, unit: mm : Point movement scope

TR8 Standard Configuration I TR8 Standard Configuration II
TR8 Robot Body TR8 Robot Body
TRC-Micro controller (bilingual) Tianji Robot Standard Materials like Operation Manual
Power Supply Cable (standard 4m) Power Supply Cable (standard 4m)
Pendant Short-circuit Plug High-performance Pendant (standard 8m cable)
Tianji Robot Standard Materials like Operation Manual Tianji Robot Standard Materials like Operation Manual
TR8 Optional Configuration
High-performance Pendant Pendant Short-circuit Plug
Special  Polishing Software Special  Polishing Fixture
Three-into-One Polishing Head Aviation Plug
Extension of Power Supply Wire and Cable Built-in Electromagnetic Valve (1-couple, 2-couple, 3-couple)
Intelligent Camera (optional pixels) (MOTOPLUS)Kernel Development Software (MOTOPLUS)
(MOTOSIM)Anolog Simulation Software (MOTOSIM) EtherNet Port (Ethernet)
CC-LINK Baseplate (site bus) PROFINET Baseplate (site bus)
PROFINET Baseplate (site bus) EtherNet/IP Port (site bus)
DeviceNet Baseplate (site bus) I/O Baseplate (16/16)
Motor/Encoder Wire and Cable Conveyance Belt Synchronous Port
Force Sensor Port