Standard Workstation

Tianji also provides integrated services at all levels of industrial automation, including single station automation, assembly line automation, workshop level automation and whole factory automation. It is mainly oriented to the three major industries of 3C, automobile and new energy, with four major products in the direction of industrial robots, automation integration, control module and CNC special machine. The intelligent manufacturing ecosystem has finally become an intelligent factory master with core technology.

TR8 Polishing Expert

  • High Efficiency

    1.The fastest speed in the world

    2. One-button start

    3.Complex polish track, simple adaptation

    4.Compatible with various products

  • High Quality


    2.Stable quality no matter how long runs Stable performance

    3.Professional polish software to optimize the polishing path

  • Low Cost

    1.The highest cost performance robot in the world

    2.Do not need PLC owing to built-in control system

    3.Pneumatic grinding with economical,efficient and eco-friendly features

Be able to deal with various products

Grinding Reach428mm*364mm

Name Specifications
Materials High-intensity stainless steel, aluminum profile, Acrylic glass
Dimension 1600(W)*1502(D)*1782(H)mm(Not including tricolour light and display)
Weight 950kg
Robot Model Tianji Robot TR8
grinding Reach 428mm*364mm
Efficiency 20s/pcs(Take telephone grinding for example)
Manpower Loading Time Interval 0.5h~1h
Application Field Outer parts grinding
Installation Methods Ground surface installation
Installation Environment Temperature0-45℃,humidity 20-80%RH(frost-free),altitude lower than 1000m
Others free from inflammable and corrosive gas, and kept away from electromagnetic source and magnetic field.

  • Grinding Tool with 3 Heads

    Multi-uses which can do three different work at the same time,contributing to productivity improvement and space saving

  • One-button start

    Once starting with one button,it can do various work such as grinding,spraying water and changing sand paper automaticly

  • Special Grinding Software

    Easy to fit complicated grinding routes ,changing between linear route and arc route freely

  • Link up with Cloud

    Integrating large quantities of data to make grinding more efficient and achieve factory information management

  • Interface

    Touch control interface with compact UI design makes parameter adjustment easier and production data clear at a glance ,so that we can monitor products movement

  • TRC-Micro

    The smallest controller in the world with the size of W425*H125*D280(mm).It connects to robot by only one cable which makes distributing cable more compact.

Boundary dimension and movement scope