TR8 Polishing Expert

  • High Efficiency

    1.The fastest speed in the world

    2. One-button start

    3.Complex polish track, simple adaptation

    4.Compatible with various products

  • High Quality


    2.Stable quality no matter how long runs Stable performance

    3.Professional polish software to optimize the polishing path

  • Low Cost

    1.The highest cost performance robot in the world

    2.Do not need PLC owing to built-in control system

    3.Pneumatic grinding with economical,efficient and eco-friendly features

Be able to deal with various products

Grinding Reach428mm*364mm

Name Specifications
Materials High-intensity stainless steel, aluminum profile, Acrylic glass
Dimension 1600(W)*1502(D)*1782(H)mm(Not including tricolour light and display)
Weight 950kg
Robot Model Tianji Robot TR8
grinding Reach 428mm*364mm
Efficiency 20s/pcs(Take telephone grinding for example)
Manpower Loading Time Interval 0.5h~1h
Application Field Outer parts grinding
Installation Methods Ground surface installation
Installation Environment Temperature0-45℃,humidity 20-80%RH(frost-free),altitude lower than 1000m
Others free from inflammable and corrosive gas, and kept away from electromagnetic source and magnetic field.

  • Grinding Tool with 3 Heads

    Multi-uses which can do three different work at the same time,contributing to productivity improvement and space saving

  • One-button start

    Once starting with one button,it can do various work such as grinding,spraying water and changing sand paper automaticly

  • Special Grinding Software

    Easy to fit complicated grinding routes ,changing between linear route and arc route freely

  • Link up with Cloud

    Integrating large quantities of data to make grinding more efficient and achieve factory information management

  • Interface

    Touch control interface with compact UI design makes parameter adjustment easier and production data clear at a glance ,so that we can monitor products movement

  • TRC-Micro

    The smallest controller in the world with the size of W425*H125*D280(mm).It connects to robot by only one cable which makes distributing cable more compact.

Boundary dimension and movement scope